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Microsoft Access-based Big Brohter software works with the network controllers manufactured by Cyrex LLC: iBC-01 light, NC-M, NAC-01. This software can be downloaded for free on our website one workstation is included. Additional jobs are purchased separately.

On the main pages of the software sections you can familiarize yourself with its capabilities, as well as instructions for setting it up

Choose what you need from the connected devices and configure its operating mode

In the Administration section, operators are assigned in the menu item of the same name.

Access rights for operators are defined in the Security Policies section of the Administration section

В разделе Правила доступа пользователям устанавливают Уровни доступа, где определяют через какие точки прохода и каким владельцам ключей есть доступ. Назначают Расписания для возможности проходов по определенным точкам и для учета рабочего времени пользователей. Таких расписаний может быть не более 14-ти. На рисунке ниже их 2. Временных промежутков в одном расписании может быть не более 10-ти. На примере их 5.

Also, in this section, if necessary, the Double passage prohibition is established – this is the inability of the user to re-enter the room if he has not fixed the key to the exit at a certain passage point. Double pass prohibition can be assigned to one user or group of users. This function is implemented with respect to one specific passage point (one controller). There is currently no cascade ban on double pass.

In the Pass Office section, all user information. Here they create user cards by the system, enter all the necessary information about them, define them in groups and assign appropriate schedules.

Monitoring allows you to view the event log and monitor user passages in real time in Pass-through mode.

The Reports section allows you to configure and view the desired report for a specific user, group of users for the selected period. The main features of reports can be found in the article Basic types of reports.

Our software also has a number of additional modules, which can be found on our website and purchased additionally.