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To store information, we stopped at the MySQL database. This allowed us to guarantee the reliability and stability of the storage subsystem, and also allows the client, if necessary, to use their own infrastructure to build a control system.
We tried to keep all the principles of the access control and management system and time tracking implemented in previous versions of the program. When developing, we took into account both the wishes of our customers and the examination of current solutions on the market.
The BigBrother installation package already contains all the necessary components and drivers, such as Java Runtime, Visual C ++, MySQL and Apache Tomcat, which allows you to quickly and automatically deploy all the necessary infrastructure.
The server part of the platform supports both systems of the Windows family, as well as Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS. System requirements are quite loyal and are determined by the requirements of the above packages. Thus, for normal performance, 4 GB of RAM, a mid-range processor and 500 MB of disk space are sufficient. For the convenience and stability of the system, we recommend installing on a “clean” operating system, in the ideal case, a separate PC, server or virtual machine.
The web interface is supported by almost all major browsers, with the exception of Internet Explorer. There is no need for special browser connection settings. There are no restrictions on the number of devices connected to the server.

This software only works with controllers that our company produces. The line of control devices is replenished with new developments.

Localization of the interface is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian (currently only the Ukrainian and Russian-language versions are provided with the help system).

The open structure of the MySQL database enables flexible integration with various types of software systems. Provided in the PRO version, a variety of report export formats provide complete platform independence for system users.

As in the previous version of BigBrother software, this version implements the entire spectrum of the security policy section. This makes it possible to create operators with a specific set of partitions to which access is allowed. Thus, for each operator, you can configure your individual operating mode in the program, for example: a security guard can only view the event log and monitor the checkpoint in real time. For convenience, tracking changes made by operators and their activity – the system logs all actions performed by them. This function enables the manager to control the actions of all employees of his enterprise (from users to operators) and visitors.

This version of the software solves the problem of multi-screen tracking of multiple databases without additional settings.