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Distribution of reports to e-mail

The module allows one to set up an automatic system for distribution of reports on staff working time to manager’s e-mail.

The module is simply extremely convenient for automatically informing the management about attendance and work of the personnel.

The distribution can be carried out daily, weekly or monthly on an indicated day and time.

The module greatly facilitates the management control of employees at zero time costs because:

– one should not deal with the software, because everything is configured once and works always;

– one should not spend time to specifically run the program and draw up reports

– everything happens automatically, you should just pay attention to the result.

Figure 1 – Example of a report coming to the manager’s e-mail address

You can create an unlimited number of reports among the module settings. That is, there can be reports on specific units or specific people. Reports can differ in the rules of counting time, etc. You can specify any number of recipients (email addresses) for each report.

We can change the form of the report display according to any of your requirements in order to make it as convenient as possible to display the information of interest to you.

When choosing a report for your organization, you can rely on the examples from the article Basic types of reports on the recording of working time of Big Brother”, ACS.

More information on BigBrother, ACS you can find here.
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