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Net Kit 3

A set of equipment in a metal box consists of NAC-01, iBC-01 Light network controllers and a K3-12 pulse uninterruptible power supply unit.
Network Access Controller NAC-01 is designed to control access to residential, industrial or office premises equipped with an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock, barrier, turnstile. On the basis of the NAC-01 controller it is possible to organize an access control and time tracking system for two doors, two turnstiles or two hotel rooms. Depending on the type of reader connected, keystrokes such as Touch Memory, Proximity cards or keyfobs, code keyboards, radio charms, radio tags, biometrics identifiers etc. can be used as access keys.
On the basis of the iBC – 01 Light controller, you can organize an access control and time tracking system for one door or one hotel room.
UPS is designed to supply the supply voltage to critical units and nodes of various systems that require operation even in the absence of mains voltage.
This set serves three points of passage in view of working hours.


Modes of operation

Hotel Room


Performance parameters

Overall dimensions of the board (NAC-01) 107 × 85 mm
Board dimensions (iBC – 01 Light) 68 × 51 mm
Board overall dimensions (K3-12) 110 × 82 mm
Overall size of the metal box
270 × 270 × 80 mm
Working temperature range 0 ~ +60 С



Ethernet network interface
Can act as a converter



Key readers like Touch Memory Proximity cards (EM-Marin) and radio key fobs
Biometric Readers
Connecting readers via the 1-Wire or Wiegand interface


Functional features

Door / turnstile control
The function of the prohibition of double passage (for each point separately or two points together)
Internal memory is shared dynamically between events and keys
Programming up to 4000 keys
Work by Schedules