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Features of the network controller NC – M

Controller NC - M

NC Controller – M
Expansion of the line of control devices of the monitoring system, access control and time tracking Big Brother from the company CYPHRAX.
Modern access control systems are complexes aimed at optimizing the workflow, increasing the level of discipline, automating personnel records and restricting access by unauthorized persons to the territory of facilities. Availability of payroll function, based on the established schedule and actual presence at the workplace, notifying managers about the arrival of employees at the beginning of the working day, automatic generation of reports with subsequent sending to the manager’s e-mail, extended reports on working time with various sorts and visual visualization , integration with the 1C accounting program, as well as the video surveillance system implemented directly into the program interface – all these additional features are significant to simplify the process of human resource management, save time, financial and human resources.
Such systems, as a rule, include hardware and software. The ACP from CYPHRAX is represented by the Big Brother software and the NAC-01 and iBC-01 Light control device line. This article will discuss the new product that went on sale this fall – the NC-M network access control module.

Our company always tries to take into account the appeals and wishes of customers and partners to improve the functional qualities of their products, so the NC-M appeared on the basis of one of our most popular network controllers iBC-01 Light.

Consequently, a comparison of these two modules occurs.
In the current version of Big Brother (, controller support is implemented by emulating the functionality of the iBC-01 Light controller. But now you can get a number of advantages from using the new controller. One of them is the presence of additional inputs IN3 and IN4, which implement the functions “Free passage / emergency unlocking” and “Passing through the keys”. This functionality is of great importance for integration with fire safety systems in enterprises.

One of the key aspects in the choice of devices is ease of installation. Especially for this purpose, the board is equipped with detachable connections, which facilitates the installation and dismantling of the controller.
In order to expand the choice of model range of readers from different manufacturers and their correct operation with the NC-M controller, the possibility of inverting the control signal of the LED display has been implemented. This allows you to set the correct light alert on third-party devices.
To connect the controller with a computer, a USB-RS-485 or Ethernet-RS-485 converter is required in the system, since the NC-M module uses the standardized RS-485 data transfer protocol. Communication with readers is supported through two interfaces: 1-Wire and Wiegand-26. As access identifiers, you can use proximity cards and keyfobs, Touch Memory keys, radio key rings, digital codes and fingerprints.
The controller’s memory can hold 4000 keys and 8000 events. With a maximum memory load, large enterprises may experience inconvenience at the moments when employees arrive at work and at the end of the working day. During these peak hours, queues may form at the checkpoint, which are caused by a delay in the controller’s response to the executing device to allow or deny access. Network controller NC-M allows you to find the user’s key in the database pretty quickly. For example: in a database of 1,500 keys, the search time is approximately 500 ms.
Another advantage of the novelty is an extended time schedule, which allows for more flexible configuration of personnel access control rules. Such functions are often used in enterprises with a work schedule in several shifts and hourly wages.
Also indisputable advantage of the NC-M controller is support of the BootLoader technology. This function allows you to update the firmware firmware of the device directly at the place of operation. Specialists who serve objects in different regions of Ukraine and the near abroad will certainly appreciate this innovation, allowing you to bypass the need to send equipment to a service center. There are various options for this operation, depending on the topological features of the location of the controller on the object.
The NC-M controller is a logical continuation of the development of a line of compact devices focused on the use of objects of varying complexity in embedded ACS. When choosing the NC-M now you get a number of significant advantages over existing solutions, and given the further expansion of the functionality of this controller, it is also a reasonable investment that will save both your time and the cost of maintaining the access control system.
CYPHRAX is always open to dialogue, we are waiting for your feedback on our products, comments, suggestions and suggestions. Because as a result of close cooperation with our partners, it is possible to expand the functionality of our software and the range of manufactured devices.



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