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Three way point system (Net Kit 2)

A set of equipment for the organization of the access control system (ACS) “Big Brother” at three points of passage. This solution consists of a kit in a metal box Net Kit 2, a biometric reader FR – N and a desktop biometric reader FR – D. The set of equipment is designed for 4000 users, which will ensure the work and functionality of a pass at any enterprise.

Cost of 1020 $



Net Kit 2

A set of equipment in a metal box consists of a network controller NAC - 01, NC - M and a pulse uninterrupted power supply unit K3-12, 1 pc.


Biometric reader FR – N

The FR - N biometric reader is designed for reading fingerprints, as well as the identification codes of Proximity of cards and Proximity of EM - Marine standard keyfobs in access control systems and time attendance, 6 pcs.


Biometric desktop
reader FR – D

The FR - D biometric desktop fingerprint reader is designed for reading the user's fingerprint, obtaining its template and transferring data to the designated software, 1 pc.