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Big Brother software is a modern solution. It is the result of our developments and customer suggestions. The accounting of staff working time is one of the main tasks of the program: the ability to easily record attendance, late and early leaves. This software allows one to visually identify and record visitors, monitor and analyze the movement of users on the site in order to obtain statistics and reports. Its user-friendly interface, a wide range of different reports and a number of additional modules make it possible to apply this software in places where visitors need to be registered (fitness clubs, hotels, playrooms, parking lots, medical facilities, etc.)

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It is based on the file version of the Microsoft Access database. It supports a large number of used equipment (controllers) and modules, which allows implementing additional functionality. It is available only under Windows operating systems.

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Software is used for managing the access control system from anywhere in the world with the Internet. It can be implemented through any browser.

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MySQL is used as a database. It supports three languages – Russian, Ukrainian, and English. It is available for most operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

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